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Our Mission

Our goal at Aria Music Studios is to Inspire musicians, young and old, to meet their potential in learning and find the joy of music in their lives. We have an excellent staff who caters to you, teaching piano, violin, viola, guitar, saxophone, recorder, bass guitar, ukulele, and percussion.

Our Instruments

Violin at Aria Music Studis Inc.


Violin/viola is a classic instrument that has been around for over 500 years! Its soft smooth sound makes for great romantic music, but the violin/viola is also very versatile, and can be played with any style of music. Come into the studio and try out a lesson on violin/viola. You won't be dissapointed.

Ukulele Lessons at Aria Music Studios Inc.


The ukulele was invented in the 19th century in Hawaii. You can often hear it in Hawaiian tunes, although it's played in pop music too. The chords on the ukulele are fairly simple and easy to learn, so the ukulele is a great starting instrument. The ukulele itself is also small, so it makes for a great party instrument to impress your friends (bonus if you can sing!)

Piano lessons at Aria Musi Studios Inc.


The piano is most likely one of the most versatile instruments of all. With 88 keys to play on, the piano can play any range of notes and with any instrument in any style! Piano is a great starting instrument for someone who wants to learn the basics of music and chord structures. Try out a lesson in piano and see if it's right for you!

Guitar lessons a Aris Music Studios Inc.


The first guitar ever was created in ancient Egypt. Since then the guitar has been used for all sorts of different music. Whether you want to be a country star, classically trained, play some peppy flamenco music, or just accompany your singing voice to some of your favorite tunes, guitar is the perfect instrument. 

Percussion lessons at Aria Music Studios Inc.

Without a beat to keep in going, music would be much less exciting. We can teach you to be the cool drummer you have always wanted to be! Aside from being an awesome instrument to play, did you know that playing the drums is an excellent for of exercise? In just half an hour of drumming, you can burn more calories than cycling or rowing! So put of your athletic wear and come in for a drum lesson.  

Recorder lesson at Aria Music Studios Inc.


Did you know there are five different types of recorders? They have been used since the baroque era of music, and have a beautiful flute like sound. Recorder is relatively easy to learn as well, making it a wonderful starter instrument! 

Bass Guitar lessons at Aria Music Studios Inc.

Bass Guitar

Have you always dreamed of being a rockstar? Bass guitar might be for you then! Bands would be nothing without the low bass, and it can be used in jazz and lots of other genres as well. Bass guitar is a great instrument for someone that wants to make music with their friends!


Do you want to play some smooth jazz? Bossa nova? Be in a marching band? Saxophone might be right for you then! Saxophone has a smooth beautiful sound perfect for a relaxing atmosphere. 

At Aria Music Studios, we are dedicated to provide you your own unique experience with private music lessons, based on your goals. Whether you want to play in orchestras and competitions, record, or just play for your friends and family at home, we provide you with one on one instruction catered to you. We have a minimum of two recitals a year, as well as performance opportunities in the Woodstock area. The instruments that we currently teach are piano, saxophone, violin, viola, ukulele, bass and acoustic guitar, and percussion.

So what are you waiting for? Book your Private Music lesson!

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