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Why should I take a music class with my baby or toddler?

By Ariel Montero

Maybe you think of music class as something that your child will start once they start school. Maybe you will encourage them to choose an instrument in middle or high school. But did you know that there are many great reasons to take a music class along with your child even earlier? Let's explore some! Bonding: Singing together, playing movement games, and jamming out together on instruments can be an incredibly bonding experience for you and your child. The laughter and joy that you will share with your child while making music together releases various neurotransmitters in your (and your child's!) brain, including dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, which can help to boost mood and happiness, relieve stress, and strengthen attachment. And don't worry if you don't consider yourself a musician--to your child, you are the expert on all things! They will not be critical of your singing or playing, but the most appreciative audience. A good music teacher will choose activities that anyone can enjoy, regardless of your musical skill level. Learning: Your infant or toddler is constantly soaking in and processing new information about their surroundings, physicality, and reactions from other people. A good music class can help them to develop coordination and motor skills, to build and encourage language skills, and to sense and process emotions. The stimulation they receive when listening to music, singing, dancing, and playing instruments will be helpful to you as you try to help them build a healthy brain, body, and heart! Positive associations: If you want your child to have an appreciation for music (and who doesn't?), then there is no better time to start building positive associations with music than now! From infancy, babies can begin to associate music with people, events, and emotions (think about how a little one gets sleepy when you sing them a lullaby). If you would like for your child to be drawn to music later on in life, you can begin preparing them now by making music a positive, intentional, and bonding experience. Convinced yet? Good news! Aria Music Studios will be offering a music class called Baby Rockstars in September which is aimed at parents (or other caregivers) and little ones. Be on the lookout for more details, and consider giving your young child the gifts of bonding, learning, and building positive associations through music.


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