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Music For Every Mood

I'm currently sitting at my desk, sleepy with a cup of hot chai tea, listening to the sound of the hard rain outside. Rain makes me feel cozy and relaxed (as long as I don't have to drive in it). There are many things that relax our senses. The sound of rain, the smell of fresh baked bread or freshly cut grass. For me, one of the things I turn to to boost my mood is music.

  1. Classical Music

When I need to study or focus, classical music is my go to. Classical music is great for jump-starting the brain, but also makes for good background noise because it is not distracting. Classical music has a calming affect, which releases dopamine and therefore can make one more productive. In fact, I'm listening to some Mozart right now as I write this!

2. Jazz Music

If you are a creative, Jazz music is a great choice to get your creative juices flowing. Listening to jazz lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. It improves your focus and mood, was well as your verbal ability. Stroke victims who listen to jazz on the regular see major improvements over a period of time. Jazz has a mellowing affect, which is great for getting anything done.

3. Pop Music

Sometimes you need some extra energy, and happy pop songs are a way to get that energy. Songs that you can sing along with and dance to make for a great mood booster. Pop music is often my choice for songs to exercise to as well, since it often has a catchy beat to fuel my workouts. There are so many options for pop songs, so really you can choose any mood. I myself associate pop music with energy.

4. Love Songs

Feeling sappy? Sometimes we want songs to reflect the mood that we are already in. When you first meet that special someone, or even after spending years with that special someone, you might want to reflect on your feelings for them. Love songs can create endorphins that make us feel good and help us to reflect. Love songs are also great to share with that special person to let them know how you feel about them.

What is your mood today? There are so many great effects of using music to boost your mood, or even help to sort out negative feelings. Playing a a musical instrument has the same effect, so if you are a musician, get out your instrument and play a song that fits your mood. Comment and let me know what kind of music your chose!


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